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China Music Group

China Music Group is a joint venture partnership between Los Angeles based consulting firm AIM Group LLC, Pan Pacific Ventures, Inc. and China Record Corporation, China's oldest and largest record company.

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China Music Publishing

Established in late 2007, China Music Publishing offers western music copyright holders a "safe-haven" within China's budding music publishing industry.
China Music Publishing can actively publish your music catalog in the Chinese marketplace.

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New China Consulting Group

New China Consulting Group is a strategy consultancy that brings Western companies into China.
Our relationships extend to the highest levels of the PRC government and the Chinese business community.

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Silk Road Productions

Silk Road Productions is a partnership between China Media Ventures and Producer/Casting Director Bonnie Timmerman, formed to develop a slate of mature films for theatrical and television release.

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Bamboo Lane Gallery

Bamboo Lane Gallery represents established contemporary Asian artists, as well as local contemporary artists whose work reflects the influence from Far East.

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